Witness Two Young Brother Black Bears Play Fight Right In Front of a Camera

by duceditor

Kids will be kids and that’s just as true in the animal kingdom as it is for humans. These two yearling bears are trying out their moves on each other, honing the skills that they will need as adults. It’s also great exercise and good fun! Scroll down to watch the full video of this juvenile wrestling match.

Where Do American Black Bears Live?

American black bears are medium-sized bears that are usually black with a brown muzzle. However, other color variations can occur including chocolate brown and cinnamon brown. They vary considerably in size depending on what food is available. Some adults can reach around 600 pounds and stand over six feet in height.

They are currently found in over 30 US states and prefer forested areas. These bears can cope with both arid and moist environments. As omnivores, they eat both other animals and plant material. Basically, a black bear will eat what is available! You will see them feasting on nuts, berries, and acorns but they also eat grass and roots. Vegetation makes up the bulk of their diet. Added to this are various insects and the odd deer fawn or moose calf if they get lucky. In coastal areas, they learn how to catch spawning salmon.

Bear cub on log with flowersBears have between one and five cubs in a litter

©Geoffrey Kuchera/Shutterstock.com

How Do American Black Bears Reproduce?

The bears in this video are described as yearlings. The females reach sexual maturity at three or four years old and the males at four or five years of age. The mating season for black bears is between June and August. The female is pregnant for around 220 days during which time she builds a den and her cubs are born in January of February. Most mothers give birth to two cubs but litters range from one to five cubs. The cubs are weaned at between six to eight months and stay with the Mom bear until they are around 18 months of age. That means that these guys will soon be leaving their mother and siblings and setting off on their own lives.


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