Witness the Incredible Speed and Power of This Irate Grizzly Bear

by duceditor

Grizzly bears are one of the most formidable predators in North America, but did you know they can also be some of the grumpiest animals around? In fact, one irate grizzly bear in the process of release by wildlife rehabilitators shows his most grumpy side. Clearly, when the cage door opened, it was time to leave!

That’s what happened in this viral video (check it out below). It shows a huge grizzly bear released in the wild after capture and relocation by wildlife officials. A camera mounted on a nearby tripod captures the entire event. However, it quickly becomes clear the tripod is a mistake.

The clip starts with a close-up of a device they use to release the bear. It looks like a large metal tube, almost like some strange submarine. This device is incredibly strong and used to protect the people working with the bear. The curved metal tube would be almost impossible to break through for the bear. But once set up (as we see in the video), there is a remote control that opens a front panel. As the panel opens, the bear can come out on its own.

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Grizzly BearGrizzly bears can be extremely dangerous in the wild, especially when confused or cornered like this one.


As soon as the door opens, the bear is clearly ready to leave. It pushes its way out of the hole and staggers along. The angry and confused bear, who probably is still under the effects of a drug, tries to escape when it notices something: the camera tripod.

In an act of confused violence, the bear attacks the tripod filming this whole event, and the video ends with the loud huffing and puffing of a bear as it thrashes the tripod and then runs off, leaving the camera in the dirt.

The video shows this irate grizzly bear’s incredible speed and power. Here is an animal not happy about this disturbance of its natural habitat. It also shows how dangerous these animals can be to humans, particularly if still groggy from sleep, as if this video depicts. Thankfully, nobody in the video seems hurt, although the bear was probably still a little confused as to what was going on!

Check Out the Irate Grizzly Bear Below!

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