Watch This Grinning Bear Take A Dip In A Man’s Pool!

by duceditor

The playful creature climbs the ladder and belly flops away! 

This is amazing! Love the belly flops. Her little cub is waiting for her…Love it!!!! 

Grizzlies are great swimmers and love the water, so it’s only natural that they’d like to splash around in a pool. But actually seeing it is something else entirely!

The bear works his way up the narrow ladder all by himself and proceeds to belly flop into the pool! He swims around for a bit before turning around and seemingly smiling for the camera. The grizzly climbs over the side to get out of the pool in order to do it all over again!

He’s getting pretty good at this. The bear’s a pro at getting up that ladder, and his jumps are getting more majestic with each try! He’s not quite ready for the olympics yet, but I can’t get enough of his practice routine.

How cute!!! He is having fun. He just as adorable as he can be!!!

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