Watch the World’s Bravest Housecat Sneak Up on a Bald Eagle

by duceditor

When you think eagle vs. cat, you probably picture a cat lying in the yard and a giant bird swoops him away like you see in cartoons. Is this cat innocent and minding its own business? Let’s get into what happens in this video.

A cat is in a chair in a beautiful yard full of green grass and scattered leaves. The cat is enjoying some outside time and grooming itself. Nothing at all out of the ordinary. Slowly a bald eagle is waltzing through the yard. From behind, the bird looks like a penguin waddling, and the eagle is not close to the cat as it makes its grand entrance.

The camera angles turn and show the face of the bird — let’s call him Tom. Tom’s expression seems angry as he yells. Tom stares for a while, turning his head in all directions without moving his body an inch. As he continues looking, the cat becomes aware of Tom.

Like most cats, this one sees Tom and begins to inquire just what this bird is doing in its yard. As the cat approaches, it soon begins to go into hunt mode. The size comparison makes the eagle an unlikely target for this cat’s prey drive. The cat appears to be around two feet away from Tom, and Tom hasn’t moved an inch.

The cat’s tail remains low, and just the tip is twitching back and forth. Tom starts to acknowledge the cat more and looks like he’s inspecting it, much like you would a car before you buy it. The eagle now walks to the cat’s right, and they almost make contact with each other.

Tom opens his wings wide, and the cat strikes with its paws. The eagle stays in the place it closed its wings, and since the fight hadn’t officially started, the catwalks beneath the chair it was previously grooming itself on. The cat imminently tests the waters by walking in front of Tom again. There are several periods where neither of them moves at all.

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