Viral Kiss Of The Baby Seal And The Diver He Just Met

by duceditor

Sealed with a kiss??

That is so cute…!Thats proof too that we dont own the earth. We are sharing it with all creatures big and micro tiny. They share,we share. Why cant we all get along and luv unconditionally?

Recently a video of an encounter between a diver and a baby seal was captured by a group of divers off the coast of Argentina and it went viral. With a cute face, the baby seal approaches divers in a friendly manner. He seems to be very active as he swims around the divers, even stopping them.

The baby seal’s actions surprised divers and made them feel sweet. They were then surprised when the baby seal rushed into a diver to kiss.

After that kiss, the baby seal continued to interact with other divers in a friendly manner and receive their kisses. He then leaves contentedly, leaving exhilaration and awe with the divers he’s just met.

Unbelievable! The divers were actually surrounded by a pack of seals. They are friendly and have no malice. They just watch divers from afar with curious eyes. It seems they “send” baby seals to approach the divers because they know the advantage of his extremely cute appearance.

Puerto Madryn is very famous for being home to a large number of seals, and penguins, in addition to whales and dolphins. Therefore, it is not surprising that tourists are warmly welcomed by marine animals. However, the kiss of the baby seal is also a special thing that shows that marine animals are always friendly and want to make friends with us humans.

They are very playful and must have just wanted his attention but it’s still beautiful

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