Touching Moment: Elephant Recognizes The Vet Who Saved Him 12 Years Ago!

by duceditor

He Possesses A Truly Elephantine Memory!  Never forget

That had to be a wonderful feeling for both of them 

A 31-year-old elephant named Plai Thang recognized the veterinarian who treated him 12 years ago. A dramatic encounter between them was recorded.
In 2009, the elephant Plai Thang became seriously [i.l.l]. He was almost [] from a constant [high fe.ver]. His body was thin and his hunger has completely [van.ished]. He suffered from [an.em.ia], and eye in.flam.mation while his back and legs stiffened. This is the first case of gna.thost.omiasis in a wild elephant. He seemed so close to de.ath and no one believed in a miracle that he would survive.

There’s one person who won’t give up on treating him, and he’s veterinarian Pattarapol Maneeon of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation. After receiving the elephant Plai Thang from the Forest Industry Organization in Lampang, Dr. Pattarapol cared for and treated him thoughtfully and carefully for many months. Dr. Pattarapol’s dedication brought miracles to the elephant. Then Plai Thang was released into the wild.

While patrolling the area a few days ago, Dr. Pattarapol heard the sound of an elephant. He approached and gestured to the elephant to realize that it was the same elephant he had treated 12 years ago. He was sure that Plai Thang knew him when they engaged each other for a few seconds.

Plai Thang immediately reached out and touched the vet’s hand. It was a sign that the elephant was glad to see an acquaintance. They connected closer. At the moment they touched, Dr. Pattarapol heard Plai Thang’s cry in a tone that he had never heard in another wild elephant.

It is a special connection between humans and elephants, and also an affirmation of the intelligence and gratitude of elephants in general. Elephants are the official animals of Thailand. The conservation and care of domesticated elephants as well as those living in nature reserves is essential.

Such truly amazing and endearing creatures, they are so intelligent.
Elephants are known for their memories! Praying for him

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