The Sluggish Elephant Napping In The Middle Of The Road Caused Traffic Chaos!

by duceditor

The road was probably nice and warm!

Resting where her ancestors rested for generations before humans took over their habitat!
He has lived there long before the road existed. This is actually cute and funny. 

Elephants strut around the middle of the road as if it were their home in Nakhon Ratchasima, northern Thailand. Large herds of elephants crossing the road are not uncommon here.

Mr. Nattawat Patsungsing, who was going to be late for work because the elephant was taking a nap and refused to give way, had to halt from a distance and remain silent to avoid causing the majestic Indian elephant to charge; he only dared to film the animal from afar from his car.

The elephant seemed to enjoy this sweet sleep very much and its legs and ears fluttered with satisfaction. When the passers-by were suffering from the traffic jam, the elephant finally raised its trunk and stood on its hind legs, after the incessant pleas of employees afraid of being fired: “Oh my… you’re going all the way.” Can you move, boy? I need to get to work.”

This elephant is called Nga-Thong, which means “golden tusks in Thai.” During the cold seasons, he is frequently found lying on concrete to keep warm. It’s odd because Nga-Thong doesn’t usually show up on the road congested with cars and noisy buses; he spends most of his time at the national park. He is described as “very shy” by the staff here.

Even though many people were late for work that day as a result of this incident, they all found it fascinating to see an elephant napping on the road. But hopefully, he’ll be able to switch to another napping spot next time!

I wonder if your wives believe you if you told her you were late because there was elephant sleeping on the road 
Another lesson in patience! 

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