The Sanctuary herd warmly welcomes a bl.ind Elephant rescued from the Circus

by duceditor

She deserves to live a happy life as a free elephant should live from now on, for the rest of her life. 

In one of the most beautiful displays of compassion that wildlife had ever offered, a rescued elephant receives a greeting he never expect, at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand 
So glad he was so welcomed by the herd, great he got rescued! 

Perhaps we are all aware that animals in the circus are [fre.quently mi.stre.ated]; they are forced to perform dan.ger.ous circus tri.cks and are b.ea.ten and st.a.rved if they do not obey.
Ploy Thong has a tr.agic past; she was almost im.priso.ned for 30 years at the circus. She was bl.ind in both eyes and never thought she would be saved.

However, miracles did occur when she was rescued by volunteers from the Elephant Rescue Foundation and transported to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Many people were moved when they saw she was greeted warmly at the reserve.

Ploy Thong, however, was unable to see the sight due to her total bl.indness, but she began to send small vibrations to let the other elephants know of her presence. What followed was one of the most emotional scenes I’ve ever witnessed! The herd app.roac.hed to show their [] compassion for the rescued elephant.

Ploy Thong would cr.y if she saw this scene because she was moved by the love of her new friends!
Ploy Thong has been carrying tourists on his back on the streets of Pattaya, Thailand, for decades. She was saddled early every day and carried riders until sunset. While the tourist rode on her back, she sniffed the path with her trunk. However, her journey to freedom has begun.

But that is all in the past; for the time being, Ploy Thong is a resident of this well-kept reserve. And she will be able to live a free and happy life here!

Heartwarming beautiful sight may Ploy Thong have a wonderful, free, happy & loving life bless her she deserves it.
Thankyou for saving this very beautiful girl.

Now he is living a happy life. That was lovely to watch So glad they are there to lead him about

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