The rеcord E.Haaland can nеver brеak еven if he ‘ɗеstroys England football’

by duceditor

Haaland is the best scorer in a Premier League season but he is still far behind the all-time great record set by former player Dixie Dean.


With 35 goals scored in the Premier League season 2022/23 for Man City, Haaland is currently the player to score the most goals in a season of this tournament. He surpassed the old record of two legends andy Cole and alan Shearer with the same 34 goals, but when the tournament still had 42 matches.


Despite storming the first season to play in the Premier League, Haaland is still far from the all-time great record of English football.


Specifically, Haaland’s 35 goals is only the highest achievement a player has scored in a season under the Premier League era, ie since 1992. Before that, it was called the English First Division and the record for scoring. the table here has never been knocked over.


It was in the 1927/28 season, the late Everton player Dixie Dean scored 60 goals in 38 matches of the highest league in the fog at that time. after 95 years, his record is still far ahead of his junior by 25 goals.

If at the present time, to be able to level the milestone of his predecessor, Haaland will need to score more than 1.58 goals / game, provided that he has to play all 38 matches in the tournament.

But with the increasingly competitive and pragmatic trend of modern football, especially in the Premier League, the coaches will not risk letting the pillar plow so deep while the opponent will definitely play hard to win. Limit losses as much as possible. therefore Dixie Dean’s record of 60 goals a season in English football is almost unbreakable.

However, Haaland does not seem to put too much emphasis on collecting personal records when in the latest match against Leeds, he also ceded the right to take the penalty kick to captain Gundogan. the ultimate goal of both the 22-year-old striker and Man City will be to win every tournament they still participate in. at this time, the Citizens are leading the Premier League and have reached the Fa Cup final and the Champions League semi-finals.

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