Rescued Baby Cow and A Giant African Spurred Tortoise are as close as Siblings

by duceditor

They accept each other, no matter what…a d that’s awesone…! 

A cow and a tortoise seem to have nothing in common; people cannot understand how they communicate with each other or ever imagine that they are best friends.

The calf Simon and the African giant tortoise Leonardo in this story have truly felt each other’s love and care, gradually putting their trust in each other, and a beautiful friendship has blossomed. In any case, this friendship is admirable!

Leonardo was rescued from a Bangkok zoo in 2013 after the zoo had closed. In 2016, Simon was also taken to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), where they met and became friends.

Simon had part of his hind [leg am.put.ated] after becoming [ent.ang.led] in vines with his mother. Fortunately, his am.put.ated leg was replaced with a prosthetic leg that allowed him to walk more easily. But, aside from that, Simon is always positive and happy with his life in this place.

Everyone at WFFT must be surprised to see them stick together, share meals, and sleep together. Their friendship seemed to be unbreakable. People were astounded by the duo’s friendship after they shared these photos.

Simon enjoys sleeping with his head on Leonardo’s shell, and he occasionally assists the giant tortoise in moving faster!

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