Rescue of Homeless Dog Dr.owning in Fl.ood with a He.artbr.oken!

by duceditor

So glad this dog is safe now…! 

This po.or girl struggled in the flood for awhile when her rescuer found her and took her to a vet. She also had a tu.mor which they were successful in it. She is now save in their care. 

She was found dr.owning in a fl.ood. She had been there for almost an hour. She was so “” but she won’t be given up. She waited until a local rescue came up to help. Finally, she was taken to a vet clinic…

Watch the video below to see Rescue of Homeless Dog Dr.owning in Fl.ood with a He.artbro.ken:

So happy she will be fine…  Thanks to all whos time and energy is out there to help [po.or] dogs who can not help themselves… Make her better and safe 

ALL that help any animal in need are EARTH ANGELS… 

God Bless Everyone who helped her out of the fl.ood, got her Medical Help, helped her Live and help him get a forever home! 
Good on you guys keep up the good work beautiful work…!

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