Rare White-Faced Fawn Rej.ected by Mom at Birth, Finds Happiness at Animal Farm!

by duceditor

That is the cutest baby deer I’ve ever seen in my life!

Just look how adorable she is! 
An extremely adorable fawn a.ban.doned shortly after birth, has finally found comfort at a local farm. The baby deer was reje.cted by his own mom because he was born with a very unusual featuring on his face.

The one and a half-week-old fawn was born with a very rare condition called piebald. Unlikely [alb.inism or melanism], piebald occurs when an animal has large patches on its body without [pigme.ntation]. The little one is named Dragon.

Absolutely Stunning! Beautiful Eyes looking back…! 

Dragon born at Deer Tracks Junction, a farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan and due to his [con.dition], his mom a.ban.do.ned him shortly after birth. Fortunately, he’s now thriving thanks to the kind people that look after him.

So pretty bless absolutely gorgeous! 

Animals that suffer from these rare condition are very often [reje.cted] by their groups and even worst, they’re extremely [vul.nera.ble] in front of [pre.da.tors] due to their lack of [camo.uflage].

The white, on the other hand, makes him stand out so he can’t [hi.de] from [preda.tors], and he can’t hear or see as well as a regular deer, so he can’t hear or see [preda.tors] coming.

It is beautiful but it is also a birth [de.fect] that would prevent the fawn from [camo.uflaging] and would attract [pr.eda.tors].
Thankfully, at the farm he lives, he has all the ingredients for a long happy life!

We’re well happy that she has a wonderful new home at the animal farm, it makes me smile when I see animals happy again.

God bless you sweet little angel!

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