Mother Elephant Is Indescribably Happy To Reunited With Her Baby After 3 Years Apart!

by duceditor

They should not be separated! Animals are loving to their family! They have great memories! 

It should be obvious to everyone that elephants like all other animals have got feelings and long memories. Elephants are family orientated and should not be seperated. They belong to the wild.
Thank you for saving these beautiful mother and daughter. 

There is nothing more he.artbre.aking than having been separated from his mother since she was a youngster, but happily, this elephant has been reunited with her mother after being sepa.rated by the tourism industry for almost three years

A 3-year-old Asian female elephant named Elephant MeBai Nature Park witnessed an emotional reunion with her mother after being separated for nearly 3 years. Hundreds of Asian elephants suffered a similar fate, being [fo.rced] to [car.ry] tourists through the streets of Thailand on their backs.

The girl had to put on weight over those three years to accommodate tourists, which negatively impacted her health and she had to stop working due to bad health.

After that, she was fortunately allowed to take part in the “Pamper A Pachyderm” program at the Elephant Nature Park in the northern Thai province of Chiang Mai. She is looked after and nourished here till she regains her health.

The founder of Elephant Nature Park, Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, began looking for her mother as well. The good news is that Chailert soon found out right away that her mother, Mae Yui, was employed in a different tourist camp more than 60 miles away, and she called the camp’s owner to set up a reunion. He consented, and a care team led MeBai on a four-day journey so she could finally meet her mother after years.

As soon as they were reunited, they seemed to be overjoyed, caressing each other with their trunks and flapping their ears. However, in reality, they are constantly te.rri.fied of being se.par.ated from each other again.

The participants in the show were moved when they saw this and decided to let the couple stay in the reserve together until they were prepared to go back to the wild, where they belonged.

The amazing moment was caught on camera, and it shows the close strong bond between elephants! Many people expressed their happiness to witness this tearful reunion!

It’s wonderful that they were reunited, and there’s no doubt that nothing can sever their love for one another!

These animals are so caring and loving…memory that is so much wider than ours…they really do never forget…
Praying they remain together for remainder of their lives & are well cared for.

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