Man Caught A Quokka Accidentally And They Have Selfies Together!

by duceditor

Absolutely adorable a precious little fur baby! 

In 2017, on a fine day, Campbells Jones and his girlfriend decided to cycle around Rottnest Island. He did not expect that what happened to him would change his life. It was a very exciting moment, according to Jones, and one he will surely remember forever.

Rottnest Island is famous for its relatively mild climate and rich flora and fauna. Every year, millions of visitors visit this place. The special thing is, Rottnest is also home to “the happiest animal in the world, which is the local Quokka population.

While talking on the way around the island, Jones and his girlfriend did not notice the small animal looking at them on the roadside. Jones was curious about it, fortunately, a passerby told him it was a Quokka. Quokka is a small Wallaby commonly found in this locality. However, they are usually nocturnal and sleep during the day. So seeing them during the day is quite rare.

Needless to say, Jones was overjoyed, he immediately grabbed his device and took a picture of this adorable animal. However, that is not the most interesting part of this story.

When the shoot is satisfied, Jones intends to leave and continue the adventure. But little Quokka doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. She gave chase and lunged at Jones as if she wanted him back. Not sure if she wanted to follow Jones home, but she certainly wouldn’t let Jones go now. Jones and his girlfriend also enthusiastically saluted and captured many more adorable moments of this happy animal.

When his picturesque photos and story were shared on social media, Jones received thousands of likes from people for this adorable incident.

Many netizens expressed their interest in going to Rottnest Island immediately to meet this lovely animal. But as mentioned, Quokka usually sleeps during the day and works at night, so the probability of you being as lucky as Jones is not high.

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