Horse’s strɑnge coɑt is so shiny, it ɑctually looks like he’s scυlpted out of gold( Video)

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The Akhal-Tekes, a remarkable equine breed originating from Turkmenistan and Russia, have garnered global admiration for their athletic prowess and striking golden coats. Known for excelling in various sports, including racing, jumping, and dressage, these horses have also found their way to the United States and Europe, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics and captivating beauty of the Akhal-Tekes, shedding light on their three base coat colors and their extraordinary variations within each hue.

The Akhal-Tekes boast a rich history dating back thousands of years, tracing their roots to the region of Turkmenistan and neighboring parts of Russia. The breed’s lineage can be linked to the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, who carefully bred these horses for their exceptional agility and stamina, which were vital for survival in harsh terrains.


One of the most defining features of the Akhal-Tekes is their extraordinary athleticism. Renowned for their speed and endurance, these horses dominate the racing circuits with remarkable ease. Their sleek and elegant build contributes to their exceptional performance in various equestrian disciplines, including jumping and dressage, where their grace and poise are on full display.

The Akhal-Tekes’ mesmerizing golden coat is a sight to behold, earning them the endearing moniker of “golden horses.” This unique coat color is attributed to the breed’s distinctive hair structure, which possesses a natural metallic shimmer. As light reflects off their coats, the horses appear to radiate a captivating golden hue, setting them apart from other equine breeds.

While the golden coat is the most iconic and widely recognized, the Akhal-Tekes present a palette of other striking colors. The Akhal-Teke Association of America acknowledges three primary base coat colors: Red, Bay, and Black. Within each of these hues, the breed showcases a breathtaking array of variations, ranging from rich and vibrant to subtle and enchanting.

Among the base coat colors, the Akhal-Tekes boast distinct shades, each with its unique allure. Palomino Akhal-Tekes exhibit a lustrous gold coat with a lighter mane and tail, creating a visually striking contrast. Perlino horses, on the other hand, possess a cream-colored coat with light blue eyes, a captivating combination that has captivated many admirers. Lastly, the cream-coated Akhal-Tekes exude an ethereal charm, characterized by their warm and creamy shades.

The allure of the Akhal-Tekes has transcended borders, leading to their presence in various countries around the world. With their reputation as exceptional sport horses, many enthusiasts and breeders in the United States and Europe have embraced these magnificent creatures, contributing to the breed’s global popularity.

The Akhal-Tekes stand as a testament to the enduring bond between humans and horses, shaped by centuries of careful breeding and admiration for their exceptional abilities. From the vast steppes of Turkmenistan to the equestrian arenas of Europe and the United States, these golden horses continue to captivate hearts with their athletic prowess and mesmerizing beauty.

Whether it be their enchanting golden coats or the diverse array of captivating hues they display, the Akhal-Tekes stand tall as a cherished and extraordinary breed, deserving of the admiration and awe they inspire.

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