Goose Taps On Animal Hospital’s Door, Comes To Comfort Mate

by duceditor

That’s what is beautiful about birds that mate for life — they are always there for one another.

She stayed at the doorway during his whole surgery & recovery, never leaving his sight!

Arnold the Canada goose is well-known around the New England Wildlife Centers in Massachusetts. When staff noticed Arnold was [ and fa.lling] over, they brought him in for an exam and learned that he had two open fra.ctu.res on his foot. While they don’t know for sure how this happened, they believe a Snapping turtle or other [pr.ed.ator at.tac.ked] him while he was swimming.

They knew if they wanted to save his foot, they would have to perform su.rg.ery and a pa.rtial am.putation. They put Arnold on me.dic.ations and ant.ibi.otics and prepped him for su.rgery, but they never expected what happened next.

Before his su.rg.ery, staff heard a tapping at the clinic door. When they went to look at what it was, they were pleasantly surprised to find Arnold’s mate trying to get into the clinic. Unbeknownst to them, the mate somehow located Arnold and was demanding to see him. She stayed at the doorway during the whole surgery, never leaving Arnold’s sight!

Thankfully, Arnold’s sur.gery was a success and his foot will heal in time. Once he woke up from an.est.h.esia, they brought Arnold to the door so he could see his mate, whom staff named Amelia. They opened the door, and Amelia began grooming him. A calming presence came over both of them once they were reunited.

Arnold had to remain under their care while his foot healed so they could continue to change his bandages and keep a close eye on him. Amelia continued to visit the door daily, and staff would bring Arnold near her so they could see each other. They even set up a temporary pen so the two love birds could share a meal together!

Once Arnold was healthy enough, he was returned to the wild. Amelia was right there waiting for him, and they took off together for a swim in the pond.

We are so happy that they have the opportunity to do it together. Arnold’s foot has healed well and today we got to see him both fly and swim. Confident that he will have no tro.uble keeping up with his partner Amelia.

Some animals mate for life . Mayb us humans can learn a few things from them . We’re glad she found him  It shows how much they mean to one another. Arnold certainly has a very close relationship with Amelia.
God Bless them. 

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