Gabriel Jesus shared the reason why he left Man City

by duceditor

Gabriel Jesus, a striker for Man City, has revealed the rationale for his decision to sign with Arsenal instead.

Jesus was sold to Arsenal for a cost of £ 45 million during the summer of 2022 and departed Man City as a result.According to the most recent disclosure made by the Brazilian striker, the departure of the star from the Etihad Stadium was precipitated by Pep Guardiola’s inappropriate treatment of him in his role as coach.

In particular, Jesus stated the following while appearing as a guest on the Denilson Show podcast: “Everything happened in the match Man City was playing against PSG in the Champions League at the Etihad Stadium.” At that point, Pep Guardiola made the decision to give the virtual 9 position to the ball to the defender Zinchenko. Prior to that, he never even used Zinchenko in training and he positioned me to play the striker position instead.

Pep Guardiola addressed the team as a whole approximately two hours before the match.A meal and some rest will be provided for the players thirty minutes before the game.I was forced to give up eating when he made the announcement that he would no longer be utilizing me.

After Pep Guardiola had mistreated Jesus, Jesus went immediately to his room and phoned his mother while crying and telling stories. “I broke down in tears while talking to my mother,” Jesus said. “I went straight to my room and called my mother, crying and telling stories.” After that, I shared my desire to move away from Manchester with my mum.

I had to get away from home because I couldn’t tolerate it when Pep Guardiola gave the striker position that should have been mine to the defender instead.I went completely insane thinking about the choice.

Jesus said his goodbyes to Man City, moved to Arsenal, and had a wonderful season playing for them in the Premier League in 2022–2023.The superstar who was born in 1997 helped the home team to a second-place finish. In spite of this, quite a few supporters of Arsenal feel that it is unfortunate that their team is so much ahead of Man City in terms of point totals.

Jesus claims that the moment when Arsenal’s “Gunners” lost their long-term center back Saliba to injury at the end of the season was when Man City surpassed Arsenal: “When Saliba played, we didn’t concede much. But. When he got hurt, we had already given up a substantial amount of goals, and that number continued to climb.”

During the previous campaign, Jesus appeared in 33 games for Arsenal.He not only scored 11 goals, but he also assisted his colleagues on 8 more goals that they scored.

When seen in the context of Man City, it is clear that they do not regret selling Jesus to Arsenal.Because “The Citizens” brought back the “machine” to score goals for Haaland, the Norwegian superstar was able to dominate both the English Premier League and Europe in terms of the number of goals he scored.It was largely because to Haaland’s contributions that Man City was able to achieve the great treble.

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