Foden and Premier League stars shine at Monaco Grand Prix

by duceditor

FAMOUS people and sports stars are always drawn to the glitz and glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Also participating were Conor McGregor and Mason Mount, who were seen nosing around the paddock before Saturday’s qualifying round.







McGregor, 33, has spent the last several weeks in the south of France cruising the Mediterranean on his brand new Lamborghini superyacht.

He and his fiancée Dee Devlin were spotted with music diva Kylie Minogue at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.

He chatted with Haas driver and icon Michael Schumacher’s son Mick before qualifying, then took the grid to bask in the adulation of the crowd.

Mason Mount, a star for Chelsea and England, posed with McGregor and the Red Bull of Max Verstappen.






The Red Bull midfielder was given exclusive access to the team’s garage and even posed for a selfie with the technicians there.

Mount’s England teammate Phil Foden also attended the race and posted an Instagram photo of himself taking in the sights of Monaco.

Days after he and his Manchester City friend Ruben Diaz celebrated their second consecutive Premier League championship, he was there.

Mount was also included in a group photo alongside Eric Dier and Matt Doherty of Tottenham.

With the title “Summer pit stop at the Grand Prix,” Foden posted a few photos to social media.

McGregor and the Premier League stars watched as Charles Leclerf took pole position for the fifth time this season.

The native of Monte Carlo, who has a history of bad luck in his own city (most recently smashing Nicki Lauda’s 1974 Ferrari earlier this month), won thanks to some good fortune.

Leclerc’s quickest lap of Q3 was interrupted after Sergio Perez lost control and crashed into the barriers, followed by a collision between Carlos Sainz and the Red Bull driver that blocked the circuit.

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