Fans are afraid Haaland will fall to Kim Kardashian ‘curse’ as he poses with star after she was blamed for Arsenal bottle job

by duceditor

ERLING HAALAND posed for a photo with Kim Kardashian, sparking joking fears that he could be stricken by her “curse.”

Both are brand ambassadors for Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.

Erling Haaland posed for a snap with Kim Kardashian at a Dolce&Gabbana eventCredit: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Haaland is a brand ambassador for D&GCredit: Getty

Fans have posted about the ‘Kardashian curse’Credit: Getty

They just met at a D&G event and posed for a photo together.

Kardashian, 42, went to an Arsenal game in March.

She was at the Emirates with her son Saint when Arsenal were knocked out of the Europa League by Sporting Lisbon.

Many blamed the “Kardashian curse” for Arsenal’s failure to win the Premier League.

Some Gooners quipped after Haaland’s meeting with the reality TV star that the Norwegian could be the newest victim.

One wrote: “ahhh ok Kim K curse given on Haaland too i’m so relieved!!!! it’s even now thank god.”

While a Manchester City fan added: “omg kim kardashian talked to haaland NOW WE ARE GOING TROPHYLESS NEXT SEASON FFS.”

Another bewildered fan tweeted: “Kim kardashian x Haaland was the last duo i’ve ever thought.”

Kim Kardashian, like Haaland, is a D&G ambassadorCredit: The Mega Agency

Kim K attended an Arsenal game in MarchCredit: Getty

When Kardashian was seen with Kylian Mbappe last week, fans had similar concerns.

The pair were among the many celebs that attended billionaire Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July celebration.

After seeing Kardashian with the 24-year-old, one admirer tweeted, “Get away from him.”

While a second wrote: “The Kardashian curse is messing with my morning.”

Another warned: “Kardashian Curse is LEGIT.”

Kardashian also attended PSG’s match against Rennes earlier this year, in which the French champions were defeated 2-0, their first Ligue 1 home defeat in 15 days.

Haaland, who seemed unaffected by the “Kardashian curse,” has had a fantastic summer since winning the Treble.

In Ibiza, he recently danced to Abba with his father, Alf-Inge.

Before they went wakeboarding in Saint-Tropez, his girlfriend Isabel Johansen braided his hair.

Kardashian also posed with Kylian Mbappe last weekCredit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian poses with Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro, two of her friends.

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