Emоtiоnаl Mоmеnt Of Mаrе Adоpting Orp.hаnеd Fоаl Aftеr Lо.sing Hеr Own Bаbу!

by Zululion

We humans could learn a lot from animals…

What a beautiful thing and then they say animals don’t have feelings or a soul but they do and this right here proves it.
Lovely for the mom to have a foal to love and nurse, and the foal to have a mom.

The horse mother Zindita is very happy when she is ready to welcome her first child. Dr. Brogan was the one who helped her give birth and was also the one who watched her during her pregnancy. Everything goes according to plan and they are looking forward to an adorable pony. However, a tragedy happened.

Just marvellous for them both 

Brogan quickly realized something was wrong and did his best to help the horse’s mother. Zindita had trouble getting the pony out. She was [exh.austed] and the pony did not [su.rvi.ve]. The [pa.in] became unbearable for Zindita, turning her into a [gr.ieving] horse. She used to be very sweet and active. The [lo.ss] was so great that she had no motivation to live anymore.

Dr. Brogan can’t let her go. His team learned about a newborn foal with special circumstances. He also lost his mother as soon as he was born. Brogan thought Zindita were two [br.oken] pieces and they could become a perfect thing if put together. So Dr. Brogan decided to put them together and wait for the miracle to happen.

Zindita fell in love with the pony from the first meeting. She immediately hugged and cuddled this unfortunate pony. She seems to have found her motivation again. Everyone present on the farm was touched by that sweet moment. Zindita gave the pony all the love and warmth of a mother, which she should have given her pony.

They really are a perfect combination. The pony finally has a mother who cares, protects, and has her mother’s love. The horse mother Zindita has a new life alongside her child. Pain is compensated with love and everyone deserves a good life.

Wonderful moment for them both. Have happy lives together. 

Such a happy ending,momma has her baby and sweet colt has a momma! It was so wonderful to see momma nibble and lick the baby!

Humans should learn to be care giving with lots of

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