Dog treads water for 11 hours, leading to owner’s rescue after boat capsizes in Australia

by duceditor

“Heidi was in the water for 11 hours when she was finally discovered, which eventually led rescuers to her owner”

A fisherman and his German shepherd capsized on the water during a storm, thankfully his dog was able to get help to him before he drowned.

It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend but in the case of Heidi the German shepherd, she’s much more than that. She saved her owner’s life when their boat capsized while they were out fishing one day.

Heidi and her owner were on Moreton Bay when their boat capsized during a storm. The pair had to tread water for fifteen hours before Heidi was discovered swimming alone, which prompted a search for her exhausted owner.

Finding Heidi, prompted a search by the water police even though they had no idea who they were looking for and were not certain someone was even missing because they had not received any calls. However, they did search and found Heidi’s owner after he spent an entire night alone in the bay clinging to his boat.

The fisherman had been out on the water when a storm came, and the water got rough. The boat began to have engine trouble and the wrong end somehow ended up facing the waves, which cause the boat to capsize.

The fisherman and his dog were dumped into the bay, hoping that someone would find them. The bay also contains large scary fish so although the fisherman tried to remain calm, he was scared and very worried about his dog, who couldn’t hang onto the boat.

It turned out that when the water police found Heidi, she wasn’t wearing a life jacket and they had no idea who she belonged to. They took her to the vet and began to search for her human, but they had no idea who they were looking for.

Four hours later, they found Heidi’s owner clinging to his boat and were able to rescue him. He was exhausted but otherwise okay and fortunately, Heidi is doing well, too. The police want to remind people out boating to always let someone know when they are leaving and will return.

It’s also a good idea to not only wear a life jacket but also provide one to your dog and be sure your dog their wearing tags. It could have been helpful to know who Heidi belonged to had someone been aware of their itinerary.

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