Cocky Groundhog Steals Farmer’s Food and Flaunts It in Front of the Camera

by duceditor

As a farmer, there’s nothing more satisfying than reaping what you sow. After long hours in the sun on hot summer days, getting to indulge in your crops is one of the purest moments. Something farmers have to do to ensure they get the most out of their harvest is prevent animals from stealing the food.

It’s not uncommon for people to spray their crops, surround them with fencing, or even set up a camera nearby. One farmer that did the latter, found himself with a cheeky and brave visitor. Funny animal videos are one thing that you can find in great abundance online. 

The vegetables in Jeff Permar’s garden in Middletown, Delaware, were being eaten, and he was desperate to catch the culprit. Additionally, it wasn’t just a little nibbling here and there. Permar claims that in his 20 years of gardening, he had never seen so much damage.

These humorous incidents from our daily lives are curated by pet owners and even internet users. Without these adorable actions by our animal friends, which receive millions of views, a fast glance through social media would be incomplete.

Groundhogs are mostly herbivores and consume a wide range of plants, including those in gardens. However, they may also consume pests like snails, grubs, and other insects. It has even been said that they consume other small animals, such as young birds.

It didn’t take this groundhog long to learn about all of the delicious food in a garden nearby. Anytime this animal would steal from the farmer, he’d eat his findings looking directly into a security camera. 

Nothing Beats a Free Lunch

Whether it’s a juicy tomato or a crunchy carrot, this groundhog had an attitude about him that was just mesmerizing. You can’t help but laugh as he chomps down on his snack, making direct eye contact with whoever’s watching the camera. 

Groundhogs have been observed digging in fields, meadows, along fences, by roadsides, and close to a tree or building bases, leaving mounds of soil where they have dug. They are mostly active during the day, frequently feeding first thing in the morning. 

Groundhogs are incredibly clever creatures that can build intricate social networks, comprehend social behavior, establish a connection with their young, recognize and transmit threats via whistling, and collaborate to complete tasks like burrowing.

close up of a groundhogGroundhogs are incredibly clever creatures.

© Landry

Due to their feeding and burrowing tendencies, groundhogs are regarded as a nuisance pest since they can significantly harm field crops, farms, orchards, and backyard gardens. They have been known to munch on underground lines, ruin building foundations, and leave unsightly holes on lawns when they burrow.

Luckily from what we know, the cute little guy in the video has only been a nuisance to the garden. We can’t blame him for taking a few fresh veggies that looked as divine as they likely tasted. 

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