Bukayo Saka’s first-ever New Balance signature boot honors Ealing

by duceditor

It was stated that Britain and the Arnal Empire had a year 2022. The youthful athlete has finally shown his right foot with New Balanc, the Furon v7 signature edition, after starting the Quarterfinal World Cup with three goals under his belt and currently leading the Premier League.


Following the 2020 Finals, there were a number of racist remarks made, which sparked a demand for anti-racism merchandise and requests for Instagram to take action against hate-filled trolling.


Despite the negativity, from both the press and the public, his efforts weren’t ignored by the people who mattered the most to him: his community. Following his great performance at the tournament, he became the youngest recipient of the Freedom of Hunting Award in 2020. It is moments like this that make it all worthwhile. Saka says, “Aling’s home.” It altered my life. All of the opportunities I’ve had have been since I began acting.


“all of thҽ opportunitiҽѕ I’vҽ hаd ѕtаrtҽd in ҽаling.”


But his family, who travels with him to every game, is what really supports him both on and off the field. That support system is broken. There is nothing like that, exclaimed the speaker. “I always feel like I have people behind me during difficult times; therefore, their constant presence is really important.” Along with his close-knit family, faith is a vital component of his life. When asked about his pre-game ritual, he replied, “I always play. That is the first thing. then when he was finally grounded, he said in a more performance-focused tone, “I also like to eat my Twix.” Almost everything is foot-related, ensuring that I am mentally and physically prepared for the game.

The 21-year-old has fronted many of the brand’s campaigns since joining New Balance in 2021, including its flagship Lon Dor collection as well as the most significant advertisement back-to-back with English footballer Raheem Stirling. However, it was an unforgettable trip to the Burton HQ that first introduced him to the brand and cemented it all as one of his fondest memories, which included the phrase “When I left, it made me feel more connected to the brand.”

Similar to how his connection to his hometown is evident throughout the entirety of the book, selling will always retain the core of his inspiration throughout the world. Growing up here, I was involved in a lot of physical and track wrestling. That’s just how I want to breathe,” he explains. “However, I still like to try new things and I’m always open to wearing different fashion items,” the speaker said.

When he’s on the field, he doesn’t overburden himself with personal opinions, so his opening statement is quite brief: “I can’t live in this house without my phone, computer, wall clock, and hadphon. I really don’t like much food. But of course, there are always those unavoidable phrases that pop up in everyone’s routine, such as “I feel like I’m forgetting one more thing, and I know I’m going to regret it.”


“When I rode the Furon, I knew this was me.”

After receiving “spoken word” early last year, created by London-based artist Fyi Badjo, Saka has now teamed up with New Balanc to release his very own original work to the public. “I had the chance to try on the Takla and Furon. But when I tried the Furon, I knew that this was who I was,” he raconts. The Furon V7 signature edition is a nod to the owner’s residence in London. It is derived from Alling’s coat of arms, reproduced with a decorative Oriental oak leaf print, and emblazoned on the upper to the thorough’s motto “Progress” and “Unity,” two words that rhyme with the character of the sea.

“The main thing is comfort,” said the speaker when asked what makes the perfect footwork. “At the moment, I like my foot to be snug, so I falter when changing the pitch’s direction; it makes me quick,” Boasting an all-red upper as well as the previously mentioned decorative print, the shoe’s aesthetic is just the cherry on top of its performance characteristic. “[New Balanc] have made this perfect shoe, it’s striking. The color scheme is peculiar, and I enjoy [firing] old ox on the field.

View the official campaign image, created by Hyphat, in the gallery above. The Bukyo Saka x New Balanc Furon v7 signature edition is currently available for purchase on the brand’s website and retail locations for £200 GBP (about $245 USD).

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