Bear Cau.ght unwinding just like a Human on a Throwaway couch

by duceditor

Just goes to show, they like their home comforts too…!

They like comfort with a nice human skin rug by the fireplace! Animals are amazing! They are very smart ♥️

Perhaps in many people’s mi.sconceptions, bears are [ob.nox.ious and indi.scrim.inate] animals, perhaps the photo below will change your mind!

When Mandy Stantic visited a in North Manitoba, she noticed something that inspired her to go for her camera. She initially assumed it was a strange-looking person lounging on a bro.ken sofa, but as she looked, there was actually a bear there!

Even though bears are frequently seen in lan.dfills, you’ll rarely see a bear acting like a man who comes home from work only wants to unwind after a long day at the office by relaxing on the sofa while his wife prepares supper. Even a bro.ken TV was in front of him. He is prepared for a hit TV show!

The bear is lounging in a fairly human-like position, with one leg crossed over the other and one hand resting on the armrest. Stantic was quite interested to know if he mimicked this posture from a human.

Stantic speculates that he may have been at ease following a luxury meal. Nothing compares to relaxing on the couch after a nice supper. Perhaps humans are more similar to bears than we realize!

When this picture was released, it sparked a large outpouring of love for this adorable bear from animal lovers all over the world.

Cannot help but love this bear…!

Even animals want to have a place to be comfortable!

That bear have obviously experience how humans are relaxing and now you would need your own tv and a remote control.

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