Bald Eagle Swoops In And Takes A Swipe At Large Alaskan Brown Bear

by duceditor

What in the great outdoors?

The Eagle Suddenly Attacked, Making The Bear Surprised !!!!!! - YouTube

This seems like a bit of a mismatch to me as a grizzly weighs on average 500-600 pounds while a bald eagle only up to 15-pounds at their largest.

Eagle Attack Grizzly Bear - YouTube

Both of these animals are known predators, with eagles relying on their amazing sight, seeing 4 to 5 times better than humans, to locate prey from a distance and then drop in with lightning speed. While grizzlies are known for great sense of smell and ability to out muscle just about every animal out there.

When you look at some animals like this, your first thought would be the interaction would be something with the grizzly attacking the bird or the bird’s nest while the eagle was very weary of a creature this large.

But, it turns out the outdoors continues to throw some curve balls at us.

A grizzly is seen next to an Alaskan river running along while people in the river take a video of the amazing animal… in pure awe.

Bald Eagle Swoops In And Takes A Swipe At Large Alaskan Brown Bear |  Whiskey Riff

Out of nowhere a bald eagle swoops down and sinks its talons right into the grizzly’s face, nearly getting his eye. The eagle does the old hit it quick and run technique.

The bear must have been close to a nest, that’s the only time birds act out of the norm like this.

Either way, that’s the kind of encounter we can all dream of seeing once in our lifetimes.

Filmed near Naknek River, Alaska, you can hear the folks behind the camera stunned at the attack:

“WHOA, did you see that?”

Maybe it’s about time to book that trip to Alaska.

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