Bald eagle closer to coming off endangered species list

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The American bald eagle is closer to coming off the endangered species list

How did the bald eagle get delisted as an endangered species? |  HowStuffWorks

The American bald eagle is closer to coming off the endangered species list.The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service has issued draft voluntary guidelines spelling out how landowners, land managers and others should protect the bird once it no longer is safeguarded by the 1973 law.It also proposed prohibitions on disturbing the bald eagle, which could include anything that would disrupt its breeding, feeding or sheltering or cause injury, death or nest abandonment.

Why Bald Eagles Are No Longer Endangered

The bald eagle has battled back from the threat of extinction from habitat loss and DDT.The bald eagle’s territory stretches over much of the North American continent, including Florida. Tens of thousands more live in Alaska and Canada, where their existence never was imperiled.Scientists estimate about 1,000 nesting pairs exist in Florida.

Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Their success has led the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to consider recommendations to remove the bald eagle from its protected list. The state’s list is separate from the federal list.

Bald Eagles' Daredevil Cartwheel Flight | BirdNote

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