Arsenal’s £65 million signing Kai Ha shots in the MLS All-vertz scores NONE of his 14

by duceditor

Chelsea fans are mocking Arsenal’s Kai Havertz after he set a poor mark in one area of the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge.

Havertz became the first person in the event’s short history to never score a point in the cross-then-volley challenge.

Arsenal lost that particular event due to both his poor form and the struggles of Folarin Balogun.

While some Arsenal fans were disappointed with their new talisman’s performance, others laughed at their misfortune.

Chelsea fans were among those who rejoiced after their club sold him for £65 million this summer.

Kai Havertz struggled during the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge cross-and-volley portion.

Tuesday’s skills challenge saw the German forward fail to score a single point.

‘Kai Havertz is lighting up the world with his finishing,’ wrote one Chelsea fan, who was followed by several laughing emojis.

Another couldn’t believe how much money they got for the German, saying, ‘We got £65m for Havertz,’ followed by several laughing emojis.

Arsenal fans were divided, with some saying it didn’t really matter and others concerned about the performance.

‘It’s not looking good, to be honest,’ wrote one Gunners fan. ‘I’m already furious, especially after paying that much for him. Let’s hope he comes through.’

Another Arsenal supporter quipped, ‘We ordered the wrong Kai Havertz online.’

‘Now I understand why Mikel Arteta said Havertz will play in midfield this season,’ wrote another fan.

Others laughed at his misfortune of setting an unfavourable record in the competition.

One Twitter user wrote, ‘£65m Havertz becomes the first player to NOT score in the cross and volley challenge at a mls all-star skills competition lmao’.




Fans mocked Havertz’s performance in the MLS All-Star Skill Challenge on Twitter.

Havertz (left) is pictured in the centre circle ahead of Tuesday’s skill challenge.

‘Champions League Final winning goal,’ ESPN’s Herculez Gomez tried to put things into perspective. Goals in the World Cup. Stupid memes. Keep that in mind.’

Arsenal will demonstrate a more complete picture of their capabilities in the MLS All-Star Game on Wednesday night.

They then play Manchester United at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey before concluding their preseason tour in Los Angeles against Barcelona.

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