‘Arsenal is really an option for me’ – Kylian Mbappe agrees that Wenger has had an impact on his future

by duceditor

Kylian Mbappe acknowledged to the Telegraph that Arsenal approached him in the summer of 2017, but he declined.

Specifically, in an interview in 2018, Kylian Mbappe revealed: “Yes, I have met Mr. Arsene Wenger, a great coach. He is famous in France and is known as a person who is good at developing new projects. young players. It’s really an option for me.”

Mbappe once considered a move to Arsenal.

“But of course, PSG is the priority. We have weighed the pros and cons of all the clubs, but my family said it had to be my decision and I made it.”

Mbappe admires Wenger’s behavior despite the fact that he did not join Arsenal. After Wenger departed Arsenal, the French striker told France Football: “A little while ago, before I signed for PSG, we contacted each other, in 2017. I chose a different direction, but he’s not upset with me. He’s a gentleman for that and he wishes me luck.”

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