After Being Rescued, Three For.midable Elephants Form A New Powerful Family!

by duceditor

So glad they were rescued and have a safe place now…

They had been through a lot in life before they found each other. They are so adorable and precious!

Kabu, Chana, and Ploythong are three elephants with three different lives, but they have become one wonderful family. Chana was sep.ara.ted from her mother when she was a child, and she her leg under unknown circumstances. She worked as a street performer for a show. Kabu also di.sloca.ted his leg as a child and Ploythong, a bl.ind elephant, has worked hard his entire life providing horseback riding services to tourists.

None of them had a comfortable or happy life; perhaps it was because of this that they understood and sympathized with one another!
They were all taken to an elephant park, where they met, and they no longer had to work so hard in this happy place.

Chana and Ploythong became fast friends even though they had only recently met. Ploythong was bl.ind, so Chana became her guide. She ensures Ploythong’s safety and happiness wherever they go.

Unfortunately, Kabu has difficulty befriending Ploythong, so Chana works hard to ensure their friendship!
Chana is a wonderful friend; she always knows the connections and looks after every member of this special family!

Chana, Kabu, and Ploythong have become inextricably linked. They have fun together, eat together, and take baths together. They always go together and form the elephant park’s “most powerful trio!”

They’ve formed a new family together, and they’ve grown stronger as a result of their love for one another!
These elephants deserve all the happiness they can get.

They are God’s precious gifts: intelligent, affectionate, and downright adorable! Congratulations to this amazing family!
God bless these beautiful creatures

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