A Chicago Zoo Announces Birth Of New Baby Porcupine!

by duceditor


The Brookfield Zoo welcomes a new member: an adorable new baby porcupine.

The Chicago Zoo reported that on March 19, Lucia, a 9-year-old porcupine, gave birth to a baby porcupine. Immediately after Lucia gave birth, caretakers began observing her interactions with the newborn. It was a pity that Lucia was not displaying appropriate maternal behaviors towards her child. Therefore, the zoo decided to take care of the porcupine

The baby hedgehog will be cared for by experienced professionals who love this little angel so much!

The Brookfield Zoo’s animal care experts are already providing round-the-clock assistance to the newborn animal, which has yet to be named or given a gender. But the baby hedgehog will soon be given a cute name!

The dedicated care includes regular bottle feedings of a specific formula developed to assist the porcupine’s healthy development.

The juvenile porcupine will be weaned off the formula over time by the zoo. At ten weeks, the spiky youth can eat solid foods such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, green beans, corn, carrots, and so on.

Like the newborn at the Brookfield Zoo, the prehensile-tailed porcupine is a native of the South American high-elevation rain forests. Newborn porcupines, according to the zoo’s press release, have “soft and bendable quills that protect the mom during the birthing process,” which stiffen in the days following birth. The quills will quickly harden and become a protective shield for the baby hedgehog!

The baby hedgehog is now snuggled up in the caretaker’s arms and is very attached to her; it is given milk and cuddles like a baby!

So cute tiny and sweet. Bless them for saving these vu.lnerable little animals!

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