A.ban.doned Dis.abled Dog Becomes Therapy Dog For Other Friends!

by duceditor

He is now helping al those beautiful animals!

Precious doggie!  Thank goodness he is in his perfect forever home!
What Sweethearts they both are, forever friends.

Sherio is an adorable dog who knows how to care for other dogs more than himself. Looking at Sherio is always so cheerful that no one dares to believe that he has a bad past.

Sherio is a di.sab.led dog. He is a de.af dog and is partially bl.ind. Maybe that’s the main reason he gets returned every time he’s adopted, over and over again. Through 12 homes and 2 different shelters, he finally met an owner who truly loves him – Ms. Sheryl Smith.

Sheryl is a person who specializes in helping [di.sab.led] animals with her love. When she met Sherio she knew she would stick with him. And the things Sherio did to repay her touched her heart.

He understands very well the [fe.ar] of being rejected for adoption and then being moved into a new home. So every time another [sc.ar.ed] and anxious animal moves in, he loves them like family.

Sherio doesn’t hesitate to help Sheryl in taking care of her new friends. After Sherio, she also adopted a dog mother who was in [cr.iti.cal condition] trying to take care of her puppies. Sherio helped the owner wash and help the little dogs eat. The mother dog could have [di.ed] without Sherio’s help.

Sheryl recently adopted a [si.ck] feral cat named Tiny Tolley. Sherio immediately approached and cuddled Tiny in the first meeting like the youngest in the family. The kitten even trusted Sherio before trusting his mistress. His health improved very quickly, and now he can share love and company with everyone, especially Sherio.

And it’s touching, despite being in a family full of love but Sherio is always afraid of being [a.ban.doned] like in the past. According to Sheryl, he cried every time he was [le.ft] in the car even for a few minutes.

Such a precious dog.

Just shows the heart of a dog, how they will care for another animal.

God blesses this lovely and enthusiastic dog…

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