A bald eagle found caught in a hunter’s trap was released – very carefully – by a New Hampshire police sergeant.

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Trapped Bald Eagle Rescued By Police

The bird was discovered by a pair of hunters last Thursday. The hunters contacted police in Salem, N.H.

“I was on on call and spoke to the hunter,” “But I didn’t believe it was an eagle. In my 41 years on Earth I’ve never seen a bald eagle in the wild.”

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Wagner arrived at the scene and found a bald eagle stuck in a snap-type trap.

“I threw a blanket over it and it seemed to calm down. Then we unsprung the spring-loaded trap and got the bird’s talon out,” the sergeant said.

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The eagle seemed largely unharmed, Wagner said, and as soon as soon as it was pried loose from the trap it flew away.

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“We got him out and he never even hit the ground, just flew right up into a tree,” he said.

Also in the trap was the skinned carcass of a beaver, which presumably attracted the eagle.

Though claw traps are legal in New Hampshire, Wagner was initially worried that this particular trap was unsafe due to its location near a populated street. But after contacting fish and wildlife authorities, he’s concluded that the trap was being used in accordance with area gaming laws.

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“And I don’t think they were trying to cause any harm. I just don’t think in a million years anyone could have ever expected a bald eagle to wind up in the trap.”

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